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Since 2007 VDI was first coined, more businesses have moved to these systems without the proper security standards or reviews. Our company was formed to fill this critical gap and help companies like yours navigate the world of VDI security.

VDI solutions were really born in 1989 when Citrix released their first remote Windows application solution. Thirty years later, there are more deployments than ever and multiple players in this market, including Amazon Citrix, Microsoft AVD & CloudPC, Nutanix Frame, VMware, and Workspot. All these solutions, whether deployed using a server or desktop operating system, require a thorough security review.

We work on small to large deployments and offer services from Privacy Training, Basic Security Audits, Application Gray Box Testing, and VDI Penetration Testing to simulate an actual word attack. We have solutions for you if you need design consultation, building, or ongoing managed services.

In most businesses, critical applications and data are accessed in a VDI deployment. Since all the eggs (Applications and Data) are in the VDI basket, you need to do everything you can to secure it.

Microsoft Active Directory runs the world for most enterprises and its security is paramount.  Not having this cornerstone of your deployment not audited regularly the probability of an attack increases more every year.

When VDI is deployed, the number one priority is getting the applications working. Thinking about what a user and or an attacker could do with the system isn’t something always top of mind. This, however, is a critical piece to your VDI security.

If you are just counting on an addendum to your employee handbook, you are risking it for the biscuit.  We offer practical training that is focused on your users lives which will help your business too.

Most deployments barely run antivirus or have any type of logging done at the OS level. We can help find out how good your defenses are and make suggestions on what we can do to make them better.


VDI Security is usually the blind side for security for most IT departments. We will work on showing you how to secure your deployment using best practices. We also do Privacy Training, Active Directory Audits, and Penetration Tests to show what could be possible if someone attacked your deployment.


We offer hourly support and managed services based on your needs.

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We have a team of VDI and Security experts ready to help you with our services. Our team has certified Citrix, Microsoft, VMware experts, and security experts in many other areas. We also partner with other larger cyber security consulting companies on large engagements to perform more extensive tests.

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