VDI Security Audit

This security review audit focuses on the supporting systems which will be scanned along with in-depth mapping and best practice checks as it relates to security for VDI and Microsoft polices. It is a good compliment to the User Security Testing and Application Validation offering.

VDI Consulting Services.

We offer a wide range of services to support small to large VDI deployments.  We can help you with your VDI upgrades, migrations and best practice checks.  We work on very large VDI deployments in the Design and Build phases and can help you make the right business decisions when deciding on a VDI solution or expanding and/or upgrading an existing deployment.

VDI Penetration Testing

This testing method will simulate a real-world attacker that wants to get in to the system at all costs.  We use a combination of multiple cyber security techniques to gain access to the system internally and/or externally.  We will use typical OSINT recon methods to find weak points. We will work with your team to determine the end point for the test and execute our infiltration plan until we either “capture the flag” or face a complete roadblock.


If you need ongoing VDI support or managed services for your new or existing deployment we have solutions for you.  If you are also looking for a SOC and other security related services we have options there too.  We partner with many EUC and Security vendors and partners to provide the best service experience.

“I never knew my application was my own worst enemy and that there were so ways users or attackers could break out.”

Citrix Workspace Client, Healthcare Company

“Our VDI security audit was eye opening and they worked with us to prioritize the findings and resolve them. Great Work!”

VMware Horizon Client, Banking Company

VDI Security

It’s what we do.